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Thursday, 17th April 2014
From Amerisurv
Unique to products in its class, the Spectra Precision MobileMapper 20 provides real-time GPS accuracy of better than 2 meters and post-processed accuracy of a half meter using MobileMapper Office software. Mapping ... The Spectra Precision portfolio ...
Thursday, 17th April 2014
From SatNews Publishers
... collision avoidance and vehicle-to-vehicle navigation and communication (V2V), the Geodetics Geo-RelNAV system offers a highly accurate, real-time relative positioning and orientation solution that utilizes single or dual frequency GPS receivers ...
Wednesday, 16th April 2014
From Iowa Farmer Today
Intellislope uses an RTK GPS receiver to install tile with a positive grade through the entire run. This eliminates the need for laser surveying equipment, which can be subject to weather conditions, and adjustments to keep the plow on grade in ...
Tuesday, 15th April 2014
From MarketWatch
The RDA5992 single chip solution integrates an 802.11b/g/n MAC, PHY, 2.4Ghz radio, power amplifier and antenna switch with a GPS receiver featuring advanced RF design, a baseband signal processing engine and MIPS compatible XCPU processor to ...

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